Wedding Videographer? Definitely!

“Don’t over look the Wedding video” “The best investment on your Wedding Day you will ever make” I get lots of enquires from Wedding clients wanting a Wedding video All asking what the costs are and that their budget is limited. As most good filmmakers (because that’s what we are) will tell you, the […]

Ullswater- Lake District Wedding Videography – Alex & Sian

A Wedding in the Lake District. As Chloe’s dad read out his speech, he said he felt like a plumed peacock as he walked his daughter down the aisle. So he should. Chloe looked absolutely stunning in her designer, laced wedding dress. The Location. I have had the privilege of working in the Lake District […]

Wedding Readings, Be different!

You have everything planned. The dress is perfect. The venue looks beautiful and the speeches are all written. The only thing left to do is pick the readings for the ceremony. You want them to be heart felt but not too cheesy. What is the first thing you do? Head to Google and type in […]

Hornington Manor / Wedding Videographer / Jonti & Rhian

Filming A lake District Wedding is One of the things I love most about been a Wedding Videographer. It truly is a beautiful part of the country. The Lake District is one of my favourite places to film. The stunning scenery, beautiful venues and crazy weather! Standing at the shore of Ullswater Lake looking at the sun […]

Destination Weddings

So you have made the decision. You have looked at hundreds of destination weddings. This is what you want. How do you go about choosing someone to film your day? Do you go with the venues in house supplier? Do you hit google and see who has filmed there before, or even choose a random […]

Wedding Ideas / 10 easy tips

This blog is going to be full of the most obvious wedding ideas ever! Especially to wedding photographers and videographers, but this isn’t aimed at them. This is a guide for brides & Grooms to help them to help us achieve jaw dropping footage and photos. Wedding ideas Tip 1. When choosing your make up […]

Italian wedding videographer

Calling myself An Italian wedding videographer, is a big statement especially as I am from the uk. But that is what I feel I am. In 2009 myself and my partner Jenny got married in the historic Italian town of Cortona. From that day on I have become truly in love with, not only Cortona […]

Romantic Italian Wedding videographer

In 2009 I was lucky enough to have my own Romantic Italian Wedding at the stunning Villa San Crispolto Italy. Since then I have been lucky enough to returned many times to film other couples celebrating their wedding day. The villa sits in a prime position over looking the stunning Lake Trasimeno. The rolling hills and beautiful […]

Weddings. Please support your Supplier’s.

2020 was a really hard year for everyone in the UK and the world. The Corona virus swept the globe effecting lives and livelihoods. Weddings were particularly hard hit with 99% of the industry grinding to a halt, when the lockdown came. Wedding Videographers, Photographers, Wedding planners, the list goes on. 

Destination Wedding Videographer

Lot’s of people say they are Destination Wedding Videographer’s Who do you choose when picking a Destination Wedding Videographer? Is it someone who, all over their website say they have filmed many weddings abroad but have no examples to show you. Is it someone who’s filmed a friends wedding and uploaded it to thei