Wedding Films

“Do I want, or do I need a Wedding Film?”

Lot’s of people think wedding films are just collecting a load of clips, stitching them together, and then banging a romantic song over it. It’s not! It’s about telling the story, it’s about pulling you in. It’s about making you feel like you are reliving the best day of your life over and over again. They think it’s easy and therefor it shouldn’t cost much. It’s seen as a last minute thing, an extra. In my mind it should be the first thing you book.

I work hard at what I do and if I could offer couples any advice it would be this. Please don’t overlook the video guy/girl . It’s the best investment you will ever make (even more than the Wedding Photographer). A bold statement I know. Just ask any of my couples, I’m sure they will agree.

Just remember, long after the Wedding cake has been eaten and flowers have died, your Wedding video will still be there for a life time.

How I approach my filming

I try to make all my wedding films dynamic, innovative and capture all the intricate details of your day. The main aspect of my films is the attention to detail with the editing. I am a perfectionist and the highlights film has to be just right. I start each film with a fresh perspective and craft them to be individual and personal to each of my couples. All my  Wedding films tell a story. The most important story of all, yours!

The footage I capture is always natural, relaxed and spontaneous. I film each wedding as if I am a guest. I look for what they see and pick out all the details that go into making your day so special. This will result, in my opinion, the best investment you will ever make.